Tuesday, September 9, 2014

6:00 p.m.

(Approved 09/23/14)


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Harold Dickerson.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Council Members Present: Harold Dickerson, Phyllis Dickerson, Christine Williams, Kim Kollek-Jewell, Robert Gentner, Cathy Mulholland, and Tom Cameron.


Absent: None.


Also Present: Police Chief: Matt Balsley, Attorney: John Gormley, Treasurer: Brian Swett, and

Clerk: Karen McGuire.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda: Add: 11.1    New Part-time Officer


Guest Comments on the Agenda: None


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Mulholland to approve the agenda as amended. All ayes.

Motion carried.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by Kollek-Jewell to approve the August 26, 2014 minutes. All ayes.

Motion carried.


Special Guests: Deana Finnegan, Shiawassee County Prosecuting Attorney

Ms. Finnegan addressed the Board to ask that they seriously consider voting for the 1.5 mils Public Safety millage coming up in the November election. The Village is the only municipality in the County that has not had any assistance from the Sheriff’s Department in the last six months. She stated that Shiawassee County is broke; there is a $1.2 million shortfall in the Sheriff’s budget. If the millage does not pass there will be no road patrol, the courts will be decimated, and the officers will only warehouse prisoners at the jail. The Sheriff’s Department currently patrols 520 square miles in the County whereas all the municipalities together only patrol 20 square miles.




9.1       Personnel / Police / Transfer Station / Insurance / Retirement

Chief Balsley distributed the complaints report for August and commented that the numbers are down from the previous month. He presented the Board with some financing options from Chemical Bank and Ford Motor Credit for a new patrol car.


Balsley reported that last Thursday there was a break in at the school bus garage. Officer Hruska was on duty and he and Officer Gifford, from Perry Police Department, worked together and had the suspect in custody within four hours. Chief Balsley commented that they did a fantastic job.


9.2       DPW / Municipal Buildings / Park

Chief Balsley asked about the pavilion roofing progress and why the materials are still laying on the ground. He was concerned about them being damaged. Kollek-Jewell explained Dan Munro’s plan and progress so far. The roofing is supposed to be done by tonight. Williams asked about Munro’s stepping down as President of the Park Committee. It was reported that he has said he is too busy. He would still like to help with the Park but has no time to sit on the Committee. So far he has not officially resigned.


9.3       Street / Sidewalks / Newsletter / Web Site

No Report.

Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2014


9.4       Sewer / Codes

No Report.


9.5       Zoning / Ordinances / Annex / 425 / DDA

No Report.


9.6       SSESA

No Report.


9.7       Homecoming

No Report.


9.8       Budget

No Report.




10.1     Construction Board of Appeals

  1. Dickerson reported that he is still waiting for a reply from Dick Bolek


10.2     Morrice-Perry Mutual Aid Agreement

Gormley stated that he and Chief Balsley will have a meeting as there are still has some concerns to be worked out.


10.3     Planning Commission / Master Plan / Future Land Use Plan

Gormley reiterated that the Board needs to officially create a Planning Commission. The DDA has been unofficially working on a master plan and they can serve as the Planning Commission but the Village needs to adopt an Ordinance to make it official. Gormley will bring a draft to the next meeting.


10.4     Lagoon Property Lease

  1. Dickerson reported that he talked with Doug Richardson again and he would like the Board to consider writing the agreement for five years rather than four as it currently stands. Richardson may still want to discuss variable yearly rates for the future.


MOTION by Williams, seconded by Cameron to lease the lagoon property to Doug Richardson, for five years, at the same rate of $16,500.00 each year.


Roll Call: Ayes: P. Dickerson, Williams, Kollek-Jewell, Cameron, Mulholland, Gentner, H. Dickerson.

Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


10.5 Park Agreement

Mulholland wondered if she and Kollek-Jewell, current Park Committee members, will be able to be appointed to the new Park Authority should the Village enter into the agreement with Perry Township.

There was discussion regarding the next Authority.




11.1     New Part-Time Officer

Chief Balsley explained that most of the officers are working multiple jobs and so it is getting harder to cover shifts. Two officers are interviewing at other communities. They have been running the Department shorthanded for a while now. He would like to have approval to run an ad for another part-time officer. Gentner commented that from a recruiting and retention standpoint we may need to consider adding another full-time officer. Balsley replied that that would be great as there could be much more coverage

but it would take serious Budget Committee discussion. Balsley will bring financial information to the

next meeting.

Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2014


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by P. Dickerson to grant Chief Balsley permission to look for another part-time officer. All ayes. Motion carried.


Review Financial Statements / Pay Bills


MOTION by Gentner, seconded by Kollek-Jewell to pay the bills as presented. (List attached).


Roll Call: Ayes: Cameron, Kollek-Jewell, Williams, Mulholland, Gentner, P. Dickerson, H. Dickerson.

Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


Announcements / Correspondence

  1. Dickerson announced that mail and other correspondence is on the table for review.


Guest Comments: None.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Williams to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.




Harold Dickerson, Village President

Karen McGuire, Village Clerk

Author: Village of Morrice