Tuesday, January 13, 2015

6:00 p.m.

(Approved 01/27/15)


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Harold Dickerson.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Council Members Present: Harold Dickerson, Phyllis Dickerson, Kim Kollek-Jewell, Christine Williams, Cathy Mulholland, Robert Gentner, and Tom Cameron.


Absent: None.


Also Present: Police Chief: Matt Balsley, Attorney: John Gormley, Treasurer: Brian Swett, and

Clerk: Karen McGuire.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda: Add: 11.4   Special Liquor License Applications


Guest Comments on the Agenda: None


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Kollek-Jewell to approve the agenda as amended. All ayes.

Motion carried.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by P. Dickerson to approve the December 9, 2014 minutes.

All ayes. Motion carried.


Special Guests: Troy Parmalee and Francis Griffith – Park Agreement

Parmalee and Griffith, representing Perry Township, attended to discuss where each entity stands regarding going forward with the joint park agreement. There was much discussion about current expenses and budgets, requested monetary contributions from each municipality, improvements completed, proposed improvements, and possible future funding via a millage request and/or grant application. If it is decided to take the millage route the ballot language will need to be ready by the second week in February.


It was decided that the Park Committee will discuss further at their meeting on January 26th and bring their recommendation to the Regular Council meeting on January 27th. Following that meeting they will go to the Township Board meeting on February 4th for further discussion.


11.1     St. Mary’s Faith Formation Center Progress (Taken out of order)

Jed Dingens, Architect for the St. Mary’s project, asked Council to consider allowing them to begin building even though the site work is still under review and may take a few more weeks to complete. The contractor has staked the building and they would like to request a “building only” permit.


MOTION by Gentner, seconded by H. Dickerson to approve the “building only” permit but no final Certificate of Occupancy will be issued until final approval has been given and all site plan improvements are completed.


Roll Call: Ayes: P. Dickerson, Gentner, Williams, Mulholland, Kollek-Jewell, Cameron, H. Dickerson. Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


Gormley still needs a parcel description for the parent parcel and information regarding the neighboring parcel that share’s the driveway. Three easements will be necessary for the storm sewer, the sanitary sewer, and the shared drive.





Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015




9.1       Personnel / Police / Transfer Station / Insurance / Retirement

Chief Balsley distributed the complaint response report for December and a comparison report for 2013 and 2014. He said the new car is running great.

9.2       DPW / Municipal Buildings / Park

  1. Dickerson reported that the DPW furnace was installed January 5th.


9.3       Street / Sidewalks / Newsletter / Web Site

No Report.


9.4       Sewer / Codes

No Report.


9.5       Zoning / Ordinances / Annex / 425 / DDA

No Report.


9.6       SSESA

Mulholland gave the November report. There were three ambulance calls in the Village in November and 44 combined calls year to date. For all of SSESA there were ten Fire/MFR calls in November and 114 ambulance calls. Year to date there have been 1,393 calls for all of SSESA, 198 more calls than at this time last year. SSESA passed Public Act 88 which allows MERS retirement funds to transfer with an employee.


9.7      Homecoming

No Report. Next meeting is January 27th at 1:00 p.m. at Village Hall.


9.8       Budget

No Report. Next Committee meeting will be on January 20th at 6:00 p.m at Village Hall.




10.1     DDA – Planning Commission / Master Plan / Future Land Use Plan



10.2     Park Agreement

Tabled. Parmalee mentioned that the draft may need to be reworded depending on what the Committee and the Township decide which way to move forward.


10.3     Cost Comparison – Additional Police Officers

Tabled. Until the Budget Committee looks at it and depending on the Canine Unit decision.


10.4     315 N. Main

  1. Dickerson reported that there are two letters in Council packets. The owners had until December 15th to bring in a letter. They did bring one but it did not satisfy the required criteria so H. Dickerson asked them to resubmit it with a more specific plan of action. They returned that letter on December 17th. They have contacted P.F. Green for a demolition bid. The 90 days requested by the owners would be March 17th. No tickets have been issued to date as they complied with Council’s request. Discussion followed.


MOTION by Gentner, seconded by Mulholland to hold off issuing tickets until March 15th if by February 1st the owners can provide documentation showing a signed demo contract and proof of 50% of the costs prepaid to the contractor.


Clerk will send this information to the DeChants.


Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015


Roll Call: Ayes: Gentner, Mulholland, Cameron, Kollek-Jewell, Williams, P. Dickerson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


10.5     Meal and More Alley

Tabled. Parmalee stated that Andrus sent the requested information in December. Neither Clerk nor Gormley remember receiving it. Andrus will resend the information. There was some concern with legal descriptions, an electric line, and a storm drain. Gormley will bring a proposal to next meeting.


10.6     Transfer Station Restoration

  1. Dickerson reported that the windows will be in on January 23rd and installed when DeFrenn’s schedule allows.


10.7     Police – Canine Program

Chief Balsley explained that he met with the Budget Committee yesterday and presented them with two cost proposals, the same ones that each Council member received at this meeting. He reported that the school has agreed to pay two annual donations of $5,000.00 each and most likely will be able to continue after that. The impact on the General Fund budget will depend on when those funds are received and when equipment is paid for. He proposed paying Duty Equipment costs of $2,556.84 with funds remaining in the current year Police Budget. The proposed annual cost to maintain the K9 Program is $10,104.80. Reducing that amount by the $5,000.00 donation will leave some costs of about $5,104.80 to be covered by the 2015-2016 General Fund/Police Budget. Swett said the $10,000.00 donation will basically cover the cost of the program for the first two years. Balsley mentioned that he will continue efforts to obtain additional donations and fund raisers will be help to help with cost.


MOTION by Gentner, seconded by Cameron to move forward with dog purchase and training.


Cameron commented on further DDA involvement. Gormley explained that there are cost restrictions for DDA funding. They could possibly fund special function costs but not routine policing costs.


Chief Balsley explained in-home care costs for the dog, the Garcia Ruling, and the Fair Labor Standards Act. With an agreement between the handler and the Department the handler will be compensated for care of the dog. Balsley proposes to take ½ hour off each week day shift and one hour of overtime on the weekend to cover his time. His wages are included in the Police Budget and the Cost Proposals presented.


It was discussed that this program will be on a trial basis for two years and be re-evaluated annually. Usage will be documented in the Monthly Complaints Report. Perry’s dog is nearing retirement and the County’s dog has been transferred to MAGNET. This dog will be boarded inside so there will be no need for an outside kennel.


Roll Call: Ayes: Kollek-Jewell, Cameron, Williams, Mulholland, P. Dickerson, Gentner, H. Dickerson. Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


Kollek-Jewell asked when the dog will arrive. Chief Balsley said he hopes to get him sometime in February. Training and certification will be complete in mid-March so hopefully by then he will be ready for duty.


10.4     315 N. Main (re-visited)

John and Judy DeChant came in at 7:00 p.m. President Dickerson recapped the previous discussion.

DeChants said that the Shiawassee County Historical Society may be interested in moving the building to Corunna. Someone from Swartz Creek is coming on Friday to see if they can put a low boy under the building to move it. They want to make sure they are in compliance but would also like to avoid the cost of demolition if possible.


Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015




11.2     Park – Propane Heat

11.3     Park – Bathroom Fixtures


Kollek-Jewell explained that the Park Committee has approved moving forward to get things done while they are waiting to see what happens with the joint agreement with Perry Township. They presents a cost estimate of $1,487.00 which includes purchase of bathroom fixtures (urinal, toilet, sink, and changing table), two exit signs, a propane tank and fuel, and hose carts for storage of the Christmas lights providing the DDA approves the donation of them to the Park. There is money in the budget to cover these costs. The port-a-potties are costing $85.00 per month and are not very user friendly. The Committee needs to have heat to be able to work in the building. They have spent $100.00 on propane so far using portable tanks. There is a new high efficiency furnace there but they need a tank and fill to be able to use it. Blight had the best price. Perry Plumbing is going to submit a bid for the plumbing. The Committee is checking with an external door company for replacing outside doors.


MOTION by Cameron, seconded by H. Dickerson to approve the $1,487.00 proposal as presented with the hose cart purchase contingent on the DDA donation of the lights – if no donation then no purchase.


Roll Call: Ayes: Williams, Kollek-Jewell, Cameron, Mulholland, P. Dickerson, Gentner, H. Dickerson.

Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


11.4     Special Liquor License (4 individual)

Chief Balsley has four Special Liquor Licenses to be approved, all will be held at St. Mary’s Church.


St. Mary’s Alter Society will hold a Valentine’s Dinner Dance on February 14th from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. They will serve beer and wine.


The Knights of Columbus will hold a Super Bowl Party on February 1st from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. They will serve beer and wine.


The Morrice Outdoor Athletic Association – Field of Dreams – will have a Cornhole Tournament on January 24th from 6:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. They will serve beer, wine, and spirits. They will check I.D.s at the door and provide wristbands.


The Morrice Outdoor Athletic Association – Field of Dreams – will have the Decades Dance on March 14th from 6:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. They will serve beer, wine, and spirits. They will check I.D.s at the door and provide wristbands


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by H. Dickerson to approve the Special Liquor Licenses for all four events as presented.


Roll Call: Ayes: Kollek-Jewell, Williams, P. Dickerson, Gentner, Mulholland, Cameron, H. Dickerson.

Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


Review Financial Statements / Pay Bills


MOTION by Cameron, seconded by Kollek-Jewell to pay the bills as presented. (List attached).


Roll Call: Ayes: Mulholland, Gentner, P. Dickerson, Williams, Kollek-Jewell, Cameron, H. Dickerson. Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


Announcements / Correspondence

Gentner asked about the notice from Demis and Wenzlick and their merger with Andrews Hooper Pavlik

PLC. (AHP) Clerk explained that she talked to Tracy Bublitz, our auditor, today and hopefully our services

Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015


will remain unaffected by the change.


Guest Comments: None.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Gentner to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.



Harold Dickerson, Village President

Karen McGuire, Village Clerk

Author: Village of Morrice