Perry-Morrice Recycling Program Changes

May 30, 2017

Re: Perry Morrice Recycling Program

Starting June 15, 2017, the Perry Morrice Recycling site will be closed for improvements. It will reopen July 1, 2017.

When it reopens, the site will collect recyclable mixed plastic jugs, bottles and tubs rinsed clean, newspapers, office paper, magazines, envelopes, box board with plastic or wax bags removed, phone books, tin cans and aluminum rinsed clean. These items will go into the one single stream bin that will be onsite starting July 1, 2017.

NO PLASTIC BAGS…..REMOVE ITEMS FROM YOUR COLLECTION BAG…….No glass, wood or metal. No wax coated cardboard, including 6,12,24 packs beverage cases, no Styrofoam, no polystyrene no plastic wrappers or plastic straps no garbage, vegetables or food.


There were businesses using the site to dispose of their cardboard but they were not removing the plastic and Styrofoam used in shipping thus contaminating the bin and causing it to not be recyclable. We are sorry that this step must be taken but many issues resulted from this predominant business use and must be stopped. The program incurred extra costs due to this dumping.

Another issue that has become a problem is the illegal trash dumping that has taken place in and around the collection bin. This must stop or the recycling program will have to be discontinued altogether. When a predominance of trash is put into the recycling bin this causes the recycled material to have to be treated as trash and not treated as recycling. Please watch for people who are dumping trash and notify Perry Township at 625-4597 and the matter will be addressed. Please note the vehicle license plate number or identity of the person seen illegally dumping trash at the recycling bin and report this information to the township. You may leave the information on the voice mail or speak with a township representative.

Perry Morrice Recycling Program Committee

Kim Kolleck, Sue Hammond, Troy Parmalee, Greg Weckert, Kellie Willson

Author: Village of Morrice