Tuesday, November 14, 2017

6:00 p.m.

(Approved 11/28/17)


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Pro-Tem Cathy Mulholland.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Council Members Present: Phyllis Dickerson, Scott Jones, Cathy Mulholland, Andy Flynn, and

Philip Hruska.


Absent: Harold Dickerson.


Also Present: Attorney: John Gormley, Police Chief: Matt Balsley, and Clerk: Karen McGuire.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda: Add: 11.3 Veteran’s Day


Guest Comments on the Agenda: None.


MOTION by Flynn, seconded by P. Dickerson to approve the agenda as amended. All ayes.

Motion carried.


MOTION by Flynn, seconded by Hruska to approve the October 24, 2017 minutes. All ayes.

Motion carried.


Special Guests: None.




9.1       Personnel / Police / Transfer Station / Insurance / Retirement

Chief Balsley reported that he still has not received any applications for the part-time position. There is nothing new going on with the Department. He is still having some trouble with his cruiser.

9.2       DPW / Municipal Buildings / Park

Mulholland reported that the Halloween celebration was a big success. She offered “thanks” to all who helped. Chief Balsley mentioned that December 2nd Santa will be at the Park from 11:00 a.m. to noon.

9.3       Street / Sidewalks / Newsletter / Web Site

No Report.


9.4       Sewer / Codes

No Report.


9.5       Zoning / Ordinances / Annex / 425 / DDA

No Report.


9.6       SSESA

No Report.


9.7      Homecoming

No Report. Mulholland asked about firework plans. P. Dickerson replied that the Committee usually meets after the first of the year to begin planning the Festival.


9.8       Budget

No Report. The Budget Committee meeting scheduled for tonight is postponed until next Tuesday, November 21st at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. Swett had to be out of town and so is not available. Clerk will check with Swett to see which time works better for him and get back to Committee members.


Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2017




10.1     Master Plan

Gormley reported that the process is still moving forward. The Sub-Committee is working on getting the Land Use Map updated. The 425 annexed properties have been added but there is still a question about some of the additions. All of their progress to date has to go back to the Planning Commission as a whole for review. The survey portion of the process is ready to go out with the winter tax bills. They will also be available for pick-up at the Village Hall, Chemical Bank, and the Post Office. Or they can be mailed upon request.


10.2     Roads – Bonds

Hruska thanked all who voted the millage into place. The Budget Committee will discuss what may be able to be done without a loan. A possible inter-fund loan was discussed along with a few other options. Gormley did let Ian know that the millage was approved and so he can proceed gathering the information needed based on that funding.

10.3     Patrol Vehicle

Hruska is still working on the grant application.


10.4     Records Retention Policy

Gormley explained that the Board could opt to adopt the State established standards, rules, and regulations for records retention and disposal or create one of their own. Either one must be kept current. As there are a multitude of documents and records whose retention or disposal needs to be regulated he recommends that the State policies be adopted. The Board instructed Gormley to draft an Ordinance and a Resolution for records retention and bring them to the next meeting.




11.1     City, Village, and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) – Requirements for 2018 – Due

December 1, 2017.

Clerk explained that this item is on the agenda to serve as a reminder that the deadline is coming up soon.

The requirements this year are the same as last year they just need to be updated with current financial information. Swett has been reminded of the deadline and has always gotten them submitted on time. The Village will receive a small supplemental payment of about $750.00 this year.


11.2     Transfer Station

Hruska suggested possibly adding additional days or hours to the Transfer Station operating hours. He is thinking possibly Fridays from noon – 6:00 p.m. He has talked to the operator, Scott, and he has no problem with the additional hours. The Board will refer this to the Budget Committee for discussion and recommendations. There was also discussion about having the DPW make sure to crush the container before leaving work on Fridays to hopefully reduce call-ins on Saturday.


The Recycling Program is still having trouble with people leaving a mess at the site. The Board wondered if installing cameras would help.


11.3     Veteran’s Day

Hruska would like to have Veteran’s Day added as an additional paid holiday for full-time employees. He mentioned that it is a Federal holiday and most municipalities have it off. The Board will refer this item to the Budget Committee for recommendations. If approved, the Personnel Manual will need to be revised with a Resolution. If approved by the Budget Committee and the Board the additional day can be added as part of the next fiscal year’s budget.




Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2017


Review Financial Report / Pay Bills


MOTION by P. Dickerson, seconded by Flynn to pay the bills as presented. (List attached).


Roll Call: Ayes: Flynn, Jones, Hruska, P. Dickerson, Mulholland. Nays: None. Absent: H. Dickerson. Motion carried.


Announcements / Correspondence

Mulholland reported that mail and other correspondence are on the table for review


Guest Comments:

Charles Rothney asked for information about the consulting engineer for the sewer system and about future lagoon capacity. He was given the engineer’s information. There was discussion about the lagoons being at or near capacity. Gormley suggested that if Rothney is thinking of a future project the Board would need to see a plan and forward it to the engineer for a recommendation.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by P. Dickerson to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.





Cathy Mulholland, Village President Pro-Tem

Karen McGuire, Clerk

Author: Village of Morrice