Village Roads and Streets

Village Residents,

We would like to provide an update to what has gone on with the roads since the passage of the millage and what is currently being worked on for the future.


– In 2018 the reconstruction of South St. (Britton Rd.), Jewell, and the 100 block of Howard was completed. The total cost came in at just under $200,000, which was what had been anticipated.

-The first year’s millage money was received from 2018 summer taxes totaling $27,173.72.

-Road committee met to establish priority of road projects and timeline for the projects based on costs and available funds.


-Mid February 2019 received notification that the state was initiating 3 million dollars in grant money to City’s and Village’s with populations under 10,000 (approximately 375 municipalities are eligible). The grant is a 50/50 match for construction costs only, with a maximum match of $250,000 per grant. Deadline for grant application submissions are April 5th 2019.

-This grant has no guarantee for future years as it was signed in by the previous Governor.

– Roads eligible for federal funding have an extremely low probability of receiving grant funds.

-Mid February 2019 Street Administrator was in contact with Wolverine Engineering, and the treasurer regarding feasibility of construction and costs. Road committee scheduled a meeting for the same week.

– The day before the road committee meeting the Street Administrator was advised that Morrice Rd is eligible for federal funding and does not meet the requirements for this grant.

– Road committee met and based on the established priority road projects, as Morrice Rd was not eligible, it was determined the project submitted for the grant would follow the next priority for major roads in need of repair/replacement.

-Road committee determined Main St. from South St to Mason St., Mason St. from Morrice Rd. to Purdy Ln., and Purdy Ln from Mason St. to Lansing Rd.

-The proposed project and authorization to move forward was taken to the Village Council on February 26th 2019. Village Council approved to move forward and requested the Street Administrator to request the DDA’s assistance.

-On February 27th 2019 the Street Administrator was present for the DDA meeting. The Street Administrator explained the logistics of the proposed projects and the request for the DDA to assist with the cost of the Downtown District within the DDA. The DDA approved an amount dependent upon the Grant being received.

-Wolverine Engineering drafted the documents needed to start the grant, and the documents have been sent to the Village Attorney for a Resolution to be drafted.


-If the grant is approved construction of Main St., Mason St, and Purdy Ln will be conducted during the summer months of 2019.

– If the grant is not approved Morrice Rd. remains the number one priority with anticipation of construction within the next 2-3 years.

-Applications for additional grant funding will continue as they are available and financially possible.

As it sits, even with the passage of the millage, we are looking at a 25 year cycle before roads will have been completely replaced without any additional revenue or grants. However, the only roads that may last 25 years are the ones that were paved in 2018.

We do not want to push Morrice Rd. back any further on getting it paved, however the opportunity to receive grant funding has not been available to the Village, with funds available, in many years, as all of the grants have required matching funds.

This grant gives us the opportunity to receive approximately $160,000 for roads that we did not have and the opportunity to replace three roads that are in poor condition. In addition, it also reduces the number of years for us to complete all of the roads in the Village.

Please feel free to attend the council meetings and ask any questions that you may have.

We look forward to continuing to improve our infrastructure and appreciate the community’s support.

-Village of Morrice Council

Author: Village of Morrice