February 27, 2019 Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes

Village of Morrice

Downtown Development Authority

Planning Commission

Wednesday 2-27-19

Special Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance: Called the meeting to order at 6:04.

  1. Roll Call: Board members present, Beth Andrus, Kim Jewell, Bob Dickerson, Jeff Harris, Lyn Smith, Bob Peterson, Troy Morrish, Lisa Haring. Absent: Dave Banker. Also present Philip Hruska

3. Call to the Public: none

  1. Approval of Agenda: A motion was made by Andrus and seconded by Dickerson to approve the agenda as presented. Motion Carried.

5. Old Business

a. Amendments to Michigan DDA Updates: Committee has the first report ready to go out. Currently working on remaining reports.

b. Update on Zoning Change for Downtown Parking: Andrus made motion to Adopt Parking Ordinance, seconded by Harris. Yeahs: Morrish, Harris, Andrus, Smith, Dickerson, Jewell. Not present for vote: Haring, Peterson. Motion carried.

9. New Business

a. Business Direct Mailers. Motion made by Morrish, seconded by Dickerson to Spend $1000.00 along with the Transfer Station to mail out 2500 Direct mailers adverting for the downtown area as well as the Morrice Transfer Station. Yeahs: Morrish, Harris, Andrus, Smith, Haring, Peterson, Jewell, Dickerson. Motion carried.

b. Main Street: The village streets committee has brought the possibility of a street grant of 50% matching funds. The only street to qualify is Main Street. A motion was made by Andrus, seconded by Dickerson to spend $20,000.00 to help pay, if Grant is obtained for the project. Yeahs: Morrish, Peterson, Harris, Smith, Andrus, Dickerson, Jewell. Abstained from vote: Haring. Motion Carried.

10. Final Public Comment: None

11. Next meeting on April 24, 2019 6:00 PM at Village hall.

12. Adjournment: 6:56. Motion made by Morrish to adjourn and seconded by Harris. Motion carried.

Author: Village of Morrice