[Proposed] April 24, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Village of Morrice

Downtown Development Authority/

Planning commission

Wednesday 4-24-19 -Synopsis

Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order at 6:05.

  1. Roll Call: Present, Jewell, Harris, Peterson, Morrish, Haring. Absent: Banker, Andrus, Smith, Dickerson. Also present Hruska.

3. Call to the Public: none

  1. Approval of Agenda: Motion made by Haring, seconded by Peterson to approve agenda.

  1. Approval of Minutes from 01-23-19: Motion by Harris, seconded by Haring to approve the minutes from the 1-23-19 meeting.

  1. Approval of Special Meeting Minutes 2-27-19: Motion by Peterson, seconded by Harris to approve the minutes from the 2-27-19 meeting.

  1. Approval of Financial Report: Motion by Harris, seconded by Peterson to approve the Financial Report.

9. Old Business

a. Downtown Project: All has been placed.

b. Amendments to Michigan DDA Act update: all current with dates to be done.

c. Business Direct mailers update: Flyer will be adjusted for the next mailing.

d. Main Street update: Still waiting approval.

10. New Business

a. Election of Officers: Motion by Haring, seconded by Harris to keep the officers. President: Jewell, VP/ Secretary: Morrish, Treasurer: Haring.

b. MSHDA Grant: Parks committee is working on applying for a grant for the park.

11. Final Public Comment: None

12. Next meeting on July 24, 2019 5:45 PM Open meeting at Village hall.

13. Adjournment: 6:26. Motion by Haring to adjourn, seconded by Harris.

Author: Village of Morrice