Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6:00 p.m.

(Approved 06/25/19)


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Harold Dickerson.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Council Members Present: Harold Dickerson, Phyllis Dickerson, Philip Hruska, Todd Scott,

Cathy Mulholland, and Robert Peterson.


Absent: Belinda Markell


Also Present: Police Chief: Matt Balsley, Attorney: John Gormley, Treasurer: Brian Swett, and

Clerk: Karen McGuire.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda:  Add: 11.1 Two Parade/Road Closure Permits

Special Guest: Caroline Wilson – Shiawassee County Clerk

Guest Comments on the Agenda: None.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by P. Dickerson to approve the agenda as amended. All ayes.

Motion carried.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by Hruska to approve May 14, 2019 minutes as presented.

All ayes. Motion carried.


Special Guests: Caroline Wilson – Shiawassee County Clerk

Ms. Wilson presented new 2019-2020 copies of the County Directory. She also gave an update on activities at the County Clerk’s office.


Don Heck – Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors, Inc.

Mr. Heck gave a brief history of the company and its employees explaining that they specialize in small municipalities. There are various agreement forms available or they can work project by project. Their firm can handle water, sewer, roads, treatments, lagoons, site plan reviews, and more.




9.1       Personnel / Police / Transfer Station / Insurance / Retirement

Chief Balsley presented the Monthly Response Report for May. School is now recessed for the summer. The Department has been issuing Ordinance violation notices in an effort to get some properties cleaned up. Scott asked if the recent fire pit issue had been resolved. Chief Balsley has talked to the owner and has not heard anything more from complainant.


9.2       DPW / Municipal Buildings / Park

Jami Cromley, the director of the Community District Library, explained that there is a water issue at the library again. She presented pictures of suspected problem areas along with possible remedies. She said cleaning the gutters seemed to help. Ms. Cromley presented an estimate from Godfrey Home Improvements for costs to remove and replace the gutters on the south side of the building and to tear out, reframe, and install a new storm door on the south entry. H. Dickerson will discuss with DPW.


9.3       Street / Sidewalks / Newsletter / Web Site

No Report. Scott asked about patching progress on Morrice Road and commented that some of the holes are bad.


9.4       Sewer / Codes

No Report.


Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2019


9.5       Zoning / Ordinances / Annex / 425 / DDA

No Report.


9.6       SSESA

Mulholland gave the run report for April. There were six ambulance calls in the Village for the month. All of SSESA had 20 fire runs and 140 ambulance calls for the month. Year-to-date there has been 560 total calls for all of SSESA.


9.7       Homecoming

  1. Dickerson reported that the next meeting will be Tuesday, June 18th at 6:00 p.m. at Village Hall.

They have received a few more donations.


9.8       Budget

No Report.




10.1     Zoning Ordinance Revision

Hruska is done retyping the Ordinance and amendments. The Committee needs to set a meeting to review the Ordinance and bring recommendations to the Council. The Board will then need to decide what the next step will be. TABLED.


10.2     MSHDA Grant for Park

Clerk explained that the official grant application has been submitted and so are just waiting to hear back from MSHDA regarding the next step in the process.


10.3     Road Grant

Hruska explained that the grant has been approved for 2020 providing the State appropriates FY 2020 funding for this program. There will be more paperwork going forward which Wolverine will help get submitted. This grant will be for work on Main Street, Purdy Lane, and Mason Street. Hruska will be meeting with Wolverine to look for other possible road grants that might be available.


10.4     Revise Sewer Installation Charges



10.5     Engineer

MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Hruska to approve Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors, Inc. as the engineers for the Village.


Roll Call: Ayes: Hruska, P. Dickerson, Peterson, Mulholland, Scott, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: Markell. Motion carried.


10.6     Part-Time DPW Employee

  1. Dickerson explained that three people applied for the position. One person didn’t call back, one person didn’t show up for his interview, and the Personnel Committee interviewed one person. H. Dickerson discussed past part-timers’ hours and wages and reported that R. Tribley is planning to retire in 1 ½ years and we need to get someone trained to replace him. P. Dickerson, as part of the Personnel Committee, talked to the Treasurer regarding the wages for a new employee. He said it is up to the Council to set the wages and that there are funds in the accounts. The Committee recommends hiring H. Bradberry for three days a week at $11.00 per hour. There are no benefits for part-time employees. Treasurer Swett further explained that right now we are under budget for the DPW wages but with an additional 24 hours a week at $11.00 per hour we will go over budget and will have to amend the budget.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by P. Dickerson to hire H. Bradberry as a part-time DPW employee at $11.00 per hour.

Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2019


Roll Call: Ayes: Scott, Mulholland, Peterson, P. Dickerson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None. Abstain: Hruska.

Absent: Markell. Motion carried.


10.7     Vaping Ordinance

Chief Balsley explained that he and Gormley have talked about possible Ordinances to prohibit vaping in the Village for those under 18 years of age. The school is adding “no vaping” to their handbook rules and policies. This way they can remove those over 18 years from the school property. Gormley explained that a State Statute effective 09/02/19 will prohibit vaping and/or the possession of vaping paraphernalia for persons under the age of 18 years. This Statute will outlaw vaping in public arenas and the sale of vaping materials to minors. The Village won’t have to adopt an Ordinance as we already enforce State law.




11.1     Two Parade Permits/ Road Closures

Chief Balsley explained that the first application is for St. Mary’s Church Fall Festival

The parade will be on Saturday, September 7th from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Road closure for the parade will be Main Street from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. They have also requested for the Festival that Main Street between Davis Street and Mason Street be closed from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.


The second request is for the Village Homecoming Festival. The parade will be on Saturday, June 29th, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The road closure will be Main Street, from South Street to Mason Street, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by P. Dickerson to approve both permits as presented. All ayes. Motion carried.


Review Financial Statements / Pay Bills

  1. Dickerson presented the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership (SEDP) investment invoice for $500.00. This is for an annual pledge. He asked the Board if they wish to continue the contributions. There was discussion about what they have done in the area. R. Peterson volunteered to start attending the meetings.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by P. Dickerson to pay for this year and to reconsider after one year.


Roll Call: Ayes: Hruska, Mulholland, Scott, Peterson, P. Dickerson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: Markell. Motion carried.


MOTION by Hruska, seconded by Mulholland to pay the bills as presented. (List Attached.)


Roll Call: Ayes: Peterson, Mulholland, Scott, P. Dickerson, Hruska, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: Markell. Motion carried.


Announcements / Correspondence

  1. Dickerson reported that mail and other correspondence are on the table for review.


Guest Comments: David Banker talked about wanting to re-zone his property at the NW corner of Lansing and Morrice Roads. It is currently zoned B-2 Highway Service, he would like to re-zone it to

M-1 Industrial. His intended use and the Master Plan will have to be considered. The Master Plan has it zoned as Commercial. He talked about building storage units which could be added to the Zoning Ordinance by Amendment rather than re-zoning. His first step will be to fill out an application for




Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2019


Nick Crugher is interested in purchasing a 6 ½ acre property on Morrice Road south of Britton Road, by

the cemetery, if it can be re-zoned. He would like to put in a 16 unit multifamily facility. Part of the process is making sure that our sewer system can accommodate the additional use. Gormley suggested

that Mr. Crugher meet with our engineer, Wolverine, to look at the size of the sewer line out there and to consider the lagoon capacity. Cost for the meeting and calculation would be Mr. Crugher’s responsibility.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Hruska to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.





Harold Dickerson, Village President

Karen McGuire, Clerk

Author: Village of Morrice