Tuesday, December 10, 2019

6:00 p.m.

(Approved 01/14/20)


Meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by President Harold Dickerson.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Council Members Present: Harold Dickerson, Phyllis Dickerson, Cathy Mulholland, Philip Hruska,

Todd Scott, Robert Peterson, and Belinda Markell.


Absent: None.


Also Present: Attorney: John Gormley, Police Chief: Matt Balsley, and Clerk: Karen McGuire.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda: Add:  11.5  Trustee Pay

11.6  Part-Time DPW Employee


Guest Comments on the Agenda: None.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Hruska to approve the agenda as amended. All ayes.

Motion carried.


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by Peterson to approve the November 12, 2019 minutes as received.

All ayes. Motion carried.


Special Guests: None.




9.1       Personnel / Police / Transfer Station / Insurance / Retirement

Chief Balsley presented the November Complaint Response Report. He reminded everyone again that there is no parking on any Village street from 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. from now until April 1st to help facilitate snow removal. One more week of school until winter break.


9.2       DPW / Municipal Buildings / Park

No Report.


9.3       Street / Sidewalks / Newsletter / Web Site

No Report.


9.4       Sewer / Codes

The new flow meter was supposed to be installed today but there was a valve missing so installation had to be delayed again.


9.5       Zoning / Ordinances / Annex / 425 / DDA

No Report.


9.6       SSESA

Mulholland gave the October run report. There were seven runs in the Village and 1,385 runs year-to-date for all of SSESA. They are still meeting and working on the new building and where it will be.


9.7       Homecoming

Markell reported that the next meeting is Monday, January 13th at 6:30 p.m. They will firm up Casino Bus Trip details.




Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2019


9.8       Budget

Hruska reported that everything looks good for next year so far. The next Committee meeting will be

Sunday, January 19th at 3:00 p.m.




10.1     Revise Sewer Installation Charges

Wolverine sent two recommendations. Their first choice would be to have the property developer of new builds be responsible for the purchase and installation of new tanks and lines. The Village would provide a list of requirements to follow and be able to inspect and approve the work before connection would be allowed. The second recommendation would be to continue the installation process as is with an updated cost schedule. There was discussion. Gormley will draft a Resolution for the next meeting.




11.1     Quarterly Sewer Rates

Clerk reported that per the Sewer Ordinance the quarterly sewer rates will increase according to the proposed COLA increase of 1.6% for 2020. The increase will be $1.62 per REU per quarter. The sewer rate for bills due March 1, 2020 will be $102.62 for one REU.


11.2     MDOT – Category B – Resolution for Contract

Clerk explained that the contacts for the awarded grant funds are ready for submittal. A requirement for submission is the inclusion of a certified Resolution stating the persons authorized to execute the contract. Gormley has drafted a Resolution granting both Harold Dickerson, as Village President, and/or Philip Hruska, as Street Administer, authorization to sign.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by P. Dickerson to approve the Resolution to Enter into the Agreement as presented.


Roll Call: Ayes: P. Dickerson, Hruska, Markell, Scott, Mulholland, Peterson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: None. Motion carried.


11.3     Resolution – Lagoon Property Rental

Gormley has updated the rental contract for the next five years. Details were approved at a previous Council meeting. He presented a Resolution to approve the new lease.


MOTION by Hruska, seconded by P. Dickerson to approve the Resolution Approving Five (5) Year Lease of Tillable Acreage of the Village of Morrice’s Sanitary Sewer System as presented.


Roll Call: Ayes: Peterson, Mulholland, Scott, Markell, Hruska, P. Dickerson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: None. Motion carried.


11.4     Hunting Ordinance

Chief Balsley explained a recent encounter and his follow up conversation with Gormley. They suggest revising the old Ordinance. Gormley presented a draft of an Ordinance to Regulate Hunting within the Village. It would allow persons with five contiguous acres of land within the Village limits to hunt on that property. Hunters would still be required to follow State and Federal laws regarding safety distances and use of weapons. There was discussion. Jaime Pavlica offered some insight into his property situation.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Mulholland to adopt this Ordinance as presented, with the five acre stipulation inserted, and some grammatical corrections made.


Roll Call: Ayes: P. Dickerson, Hruska, Markell, Scott, Mulholland, Peterson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: None. Motion carried.


Village Of Morrice

Regular Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2019


Mr. Pavlica asked about the stop light at the corner of Morrice and Britton Roads not working. He suggested John Keetch of Keetch Electric to replace the bulb. H. Dickerson will check with the DPW.


Mulholland wondered about the electricity at the Fire Hall. They had some difficult at Halloween.

  1. Dickerson replied that the problem was the cord not the outlet.


11.5     Trustee Pay

Gormley explained that Trustees are paid according to Ordinance. There was discussion about employees receiving compensation for attending meetings on the Council’s behalf. It was decided that if the President sends someone, who is a trustee and a Village employee, to a meeting during their regular work hours they will receive their regular rate of pay for the time. Gormley will bring an Ordinance draft to the next meeting.


11.6     Part-Time DPW Employee

  1. Dickerson reported that she did discuss the matter with DPW Supervisor Tribley and consequently the Personnel Committee is recommending that we hire a part-time DPW employee. There was discussion regarding hours and wages.


MOTION by P. Dickerson, seconded by H. Dickerson to post to hire a part-time DPW employee at $11.00 – $13.00 per hour depending on experience.


Roll Call: Ayes: Mulholland, Peterson, Scott, Markell, Hruska, P. Dickerson, H. Dickerson. Nays: None. Absent: None. Motion carried.


The ad will be posted on the Village website and Facebook and run one time in the Independent.


Review Financial Statements / Pay Bills


MOTION by Mulholland, seconded by Hruska to pay the bills as presented. (List Attached.)


Roll Call: Ayes: Markell, P. Dickerson, Peterson, Scott, Mulholland, Hruska, H. Dickerson. Nays: None.

Absent: None. Motion carried.


Announcements / Correspondence

President Dickerson reported that mail and other correspondence are on the table for review.


Guest Comments: None.


MOTION by H. Dickerson, seconded by Hruska to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.





Harold Dickerson, Village President

Karen McGuire, Clerk

Author: Village of Morrice