RE-OPENING: Morrice Transfer Station


Morrice Residents, Community, and other Patrons of the Morrice Transfer Station,

The Morrice Transfer Station will be re-opening on May 5th for regular hours. The hours of operation will be as follows year-round:

                Tuesday- 9am-5pm

                Thursday 9am-5pm

                Saturday 8am-5pm


In following the Governors guidelines and requirements there will be some changes with how operation of the Transfer Station is conducted for the safety of the public as well as our employees.



                All vehicles must stop at the fence gate before entering into the Transfer Station yard.

                ONLY TWO vehicles are allowed in the fenced area at a time.

                Only one vehicle is allowed to conduct business at a time, the second vehicle’s occupant(s) must remain inside of their vehicle until the first vehicle has completed their transaction.


                When completing the financial part of your transaction please follow the marked locations and directions when paying.

                Cash and Credit Cards will be accepted; however, we encourage the use of credit cards at this time due to COVID-19. The 4% transaction fee on credit cards will remain in effect.


We understand these procedures may create a little bit of a longer wait to complete the process, however ensuring everybody remains safe is our number one priority. If patrons cannot follow the directions provided, you may be asked to leave, and service refused until they can be followed.

Thank you for your patience and continued support and patronage as this is a trying time for all of us.


Village of Morrice


Author: Village of Morrice