Sewer Bills DUE JUNE 1, 2020

Village Residents, and Property Owners,

The Village Council on April 28th voted unanimously to reduce the sewer bills by 50% for the bills due on June 1st, 2020. This decision was based on the fact of the pandemic that is affecting everybody across the country including our Village residents, and we understand that people are struggling financially. As the Village has no control over the trash bills those will remain the same. In addition to the reduction in the sewer bills the late fees associated with bills paid late for this quarter are being waived. We encourage people to do their best to pay this quarter’s bill in a timely fashion to avoid getting behind financially any further, but, understand that everybody’s financial situations are different.

As this vote took place three days prior to the date of mailing and modifications to the billing system must take place, the bills will be mailed out a few days later than normal.

Additionally, the council is keeping an open mind to the economical situation as things continue to change. If the State does not return to a somewhat normal standard, or steps must be taken going backwards, the Council will be reviewing the next quarter’s sewer bills to determine if there is an adjustment that should take place.

The financial issues that are affecting the community are also having an affect on the Village and will continue to do so. We will continue to make decisions based on what we believe is best for the community as a whole but must also be aware of the infrastructure needs and financial burdens that come with it.

Please continue to stay healthy and safe,

Village of Morrice Council

Author: Village of Morrice