Sidewalk Notices, Road Grants/Projects

Village Residents,

This letter is to update you on what is going on with the sidewalk notices that were mailed out, and what is going on with road projects.

Sidewalk Notices:

These are not a bill or an assessment. We are establishing a list for the sidewalk project that will take place this year of those who are WILLING and will start future projects based on those who state they are able to in future years. WE WILL contact you before any work is done on sidewalks, now and in the future.

Road Grants/ Projects:

In 2020 Main St., Mason St., and Purdy Ln. will be completely reconstructed, in addition a handicap access will be added by Chemical Bank and the Post Office. The project is expected to begin after July 4th and should be completed prior to school starting. This is being done after a grant was sought and obtained through the State for 50% of the construction cost, and with assistance from the DDA.

A grant for 1/3 of Morrice Rd. was submitted and we were denied as funding was so limited.

We are submitting for two separate road grants for 2021. One grant is a State grant for 50-50, and the other grant is a Federal grant for 80-20.

State Grant- The State Grant will be for complete rebuilds of:

Morrice Rd., Davis St, 100 Block of W. Third, Melladee Ln, and Hickory St.

Federal Grant- Complete Rebuild of:

Morrice Rd

Resurfacing of Britton from Morrice to the West Village Limits.

If both grants are received all of the roads listed will be done. We are seeking assistance from the DDA as well with these. If only one grant is received only those roads for that grant will be done. If none of the grants are received, we will continue to pursue grants as they come available and figure out what the best option to move forward is. If both grants are received the cost of doing Morrice Road will be drastically reduced.

As we have already exceeded the 5-year millage money with this year’s project, an extension of the current millage is being placed on the ballot in November 2020 for 10 additional years. This will allow us to continue pursuing grants to reduce our cost and moving forward with replacing the roads. If the millage extension fails, future planned road projects will most likely fall apart with it including the 2021 grants we are seeking. This extension carries no additional tax millage increase from the current tax base.

Any questions can be emailed to Karen and will be forwarded on to the street administrator who will do his best to answer them. Please email the questions AND your contact information to

Village of Morrice council

Author: Village of Morrice