Sidewalk Notices, Road Grants/Projects

Sidewalk Notices, Road Grants/Projects

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Village Residents, This letter is to update you on what is going on with the sidewalk notices that were mailed out, and what is going on with road projects. Sidewalk Notices: These are not a bill or an assessment. We are establishing a list for the sidewalk project that will take place this year of
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Sewer Bills DUE JUNE 1, 2020

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Village Residents, and Property Owners, The Village Council on April 28th voted unanimously to reduce the sewer bills by 50% for the bills due on June 1st, 2020. This decision was based on the fact of the pandemic that is affecting everybody across the country including our Village residents, and we understand that people are
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RE-OPENING: Morrice Transfer Station

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  Morrice Residents, Community, and other Patrons of the Morrice Transfer Station, The Morrice Transfer Station will be re-opening on May 5th for regular hours. The hours of operation will be as follows year-round:                 Tuesday- 9am-5pm                 Thursday 9am-5pm                 Saturday 8am-5pm   In following the Governors guidelines and requirements there will be some
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Sewer Rate Increase

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NOTICE Village of Morrice   Sewer Rate Increase   Commencing with the quarterly billing due on March 1, 2020 sewer rates for the Village of Morrice will be adjusted according to Village Resolution No. 05-01, enacted April 27, 2005. The quarterly rate will increase from $101.00 to $102.62 per REU.

Accepting Applications: Department of Public Works (DPW) Employee

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The Village of Morrice is accepting applications for a part-time (24 hours per week) DPW position. Applicant must be able to perform a wide range of maintenance, construction, and repair tasks in support of all public works functions. Areas include streets, wastewater system, refuse, general building and equipment maintenance, and parks and grounds. Must be
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Snow & Ice Removal, Winter Parking

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Notes about the Village Sewer System

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Notes about the Village Sewer System: Each building connected to the system has a pump and a tank – there are alarms to warn that the system needs attention. If the alarm/buzzer is sounding or the red light is flashing please contact the DPW as soon as you notice them. Also contact them as soon
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