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RE-OPENING: Morrice Transfer Station

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  Morrice Residents, Community, and other Patrons of the Morrice Transfer Station, The Morrice Transfer Station will be re-opening on May 5th for regular hours. The hours of operation will be as follows year-round:                 Tuesday- 9am-5pm                 Thursday 9am-5pm                 Saturday 8am-5pm   In following the Governors guidelines and requirements there will be some
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Perry-Morrice Recycling Drop-Off

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Perry-Morrice Recycling Program Changes

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May 30, 2017 Re: Perry Morrice Recycling Program Starting June 15, 2017, the Perry Morrice Recycling site will be closed for improvements. It will reopen July 1, 2017. When it reopens, the site will collect recyclable mixed plastic jugs, bottles and tubs rinsed clean, newspapers, office paper, magazines, envelopes, box board with plastic or wax
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Trash Rates Increase for Village

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NOTICE VILLAGE OF MORRICE   Residents who have their trash pick-up billed through the Village will see an increase in rates effective June 1, 2017. The Village contracts pick-up service with Granger Container Service who implemented a rate increase to our agreement on March 1, 2017. Due to that increase and other operating cost increases
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Morrice Trash Services Information

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[Updated: April 30, 2017] Beginning March 1, 2009 Granger Container Services, Inc. took over residential trash pick-up for the Village. Tuesday will continue to be pick-up day. Refuse should be at the curb by 8:00 a.m. If you choose to use an alternative trash pick-up service, you will still need to opt-out or you will
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