Village of Morrice

DDA Synopsis

2018 Synopsis for the MDDA

2018 synopsis for the Morrice Downtown Development Authority (MDDA)

The Resolution to Confirm the Adoption of the Village of Morrice Downtown Development Authority’s 2018 Development Plan and Tax Increment Finance Plan Amendment was enacted on June 6, 2018.  The MDDA, working in conjunction with the Village, have determined to:

  1. Expand the Development District to include new properties the Village has opened up for industrial and/or commercial use along West Britton Road
  2. Expand the Development District (TIF) District to include the entire width of the Morrice Road right-of-way contiguous to the existing Development District from West Lansing Road South to Grand Trunk Railway Line
  3. Provide for Downtown Façade Improvement Program
  4. Provide for future plan to bury the utility lines in downtown Morrice
  5. Enhancements to the West Britton Road
  6. Provide Broadband Services in Development District
  7. Improvements to the three lots owned by the Village in downtown Morrice to create a “pocket park” and downtown parking

The MDDA purchased items for the continued beautification of the downtown area:

Picnic tables, trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, and flower/plant containers

The “pocket park” was completed in September 2018.  The “park” consisted of the three lots owned by the Village in downtown Morrice.  This also created extra parking for downtown.

The MDDA contributed funds to the following events in 2018:

Easter Egg Hunt – $200.00, Halloween in the Park – $250.00, and Santa in the Park – $750.00

The MDDA has been accumulating money so that we have matching funds available for federal and state grants for improvements to the downtown district.


*MDDA currently has no outstanding contracts