Downtown Development Authority – 12-2-2020 Minutes DDA Informational Meeting

Village of Morrice

Minutes – DDA Informational Meeting

Wed 12-2-2020


I. Call to Order: 6:02

II. Roll Call: Troy Morrish, Bob Peterson, Beth Andrus, Jeff Harris, Bob Dickerson, Lyn Smith. Absent: Lisa Haring, Dave Banker

III. Acknowledgement of Revised meeting location: Zoom

IV. Approval of Agenda: Andrus Made motion to approve the agenda, Peterson seconded the motion. Yeahs: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried.

V. DDA Business.

a. Financial Report $117,613.75. of which $100,000.00 is in a CD at TCF Bank.

b. Summary of DDA projects from 2020:

1. Main Street project

c. Summary of DDA projects for 2021:


VI. Public Comment. None.

VII. Adjournment: 6:20. Motion made by Andrus to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Harris. Yeahs: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried.

Next Regular DDA/ Planning Commission meeting date: January 20, 2021